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Hybrid & Flat Bar Road Bikes


Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are bikes that use the best features of other styles of bike to create something that is more suitable to your lifestyle and riding style. They are suitable for all types of rider and all age groups, from experienced cyclists who put in long miles on a regular basis, to the leisure cyclist who values comfort and style over performance. At BikeExchange, the online marketplace for everything bike, we have hybrid bikes for sale suitable for this full spectrum of riders.

What you need to know about hybrid bikes

There isn't a single style of hybrid bike for sale at BikeExchange, or anywhere else. In fact there are loads of different styles, with each one aimed at a different user. This includes sports hybrids which are close in style to a road bike so are fast on the road, while still offering a comfortable ride. Another type is the terrain hybrid bike which is closer to a mountain bike in style so will be able to handle gravel and grass as well as road. Finally there are classic hybrid styles which are built for extra comfort.

Important facts about hybrid bikes

Usually hybrid bikes look like a mash-up of a mountain bike and a road bike. They are designed to be more robust and have a more comfortable riding position than a road bike, while also being faster on the road than a mountain bike. They achieve this through a couple of key design features:

  • They have flat bars like a mountain bike instead of drop bars that are on road bikes. This promotes a more upright and comfortable riding position.
  • They have wider tyres than road bikes, but not as wide and chunky as the tyres you find on a mountain bike

Advantages of hybrid bikes

Road bikes and mountain bikes are serious machines that are designed for specific uses - travelling at high speed on the road or hammering down a muddy hillside. They are used by those involved in racing and serious weekend enthusiasts, but that doesn't cover everyone. This is where hybrids are perfect.

  • Do you want to travel quickly and efficiently on the road but don't want the sore neck and poor visibility that comes with a road bike?
  • Do you want to occasionally go on a gravel path or across grass without worrying that something on your bike will break?
  • Do you want to enjoy cycling for the sake of cycling? If you answered yes to these questions, a hybrid bike is the bike for you.

Choosing a hybrid bike

The first thing to decide is whether you want a bike that leans towards off road capabilities, or one that’s mostly designed for use on the road. Then you have to decide on a brand. Look out for top names like Giant, Trek, Liv and Ridgeback. Then make sure you get the best deal. At BikeExchange the listings are placed by a variety of sellers including individuals and bike shops. This means low prices and an extensive range to choose from.

With a hybrid bike, you will fall in love with cycling again.

Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat bar road bikes are road bikes fitted with flat handlebars instead of the dropdown handlebars that are on more traditional road bikes. They’re therefore not used for competitive racing, but are popular with people who want the speed, performance, and technology offered by modern road bikes, but don't like riding with dropdown handlebars.

It’s a relatively new form of bicycle, but all of the leading bike brands now offer multiple flat bar road bike options. At BikeExchange you will find flat bar road bikes for sale from bike shops and individual sellers, with brands such as Specialised, Fuji , Giant, Trek, Liv, and Cannondale. And because we’re the online marketplace for everything bike, you can be sure that you will get the best possible deal.

Sometimes flat bar road bikes are also referred to as fitness bikes.

What you need to know about flat bar road bikes

Any flat bar road bike for sale should offer you all of the components, features, and levels of performance that you would expect if you were buying a standard road bike with a dropdown handlebar. This means a lightweight frame, comfortable seat, efficient brakes, and high quality gears.

They should also have narrow tyres so that you can ride with maximum speed and efficiency on the pavement. Often they don't have tyres that are quite as narrow as pure racing road bikes though, so that you have the option of taking them onto paths that don't have completely smooth surfaces. This also makes them slightly more forgiving when going over bumps.

Important facts about flat bar road bikes

The distinguishing feature of a flat bar road bike is the handlebar, which offers a more comfortable riding position. It is not as ultra-efficient as the riding position achieved with a dropdown handlebar, but many riders are happy to give up the small increases in performance for a position that is more comfortable, and that allows them to ride for longer distances.

The slightly more upright riding position of a flat bar road bike also improves visibility. This is an advantage in many situations, including when using the bike for commuting in busy cities. Also, the flat handlebar gives you greater control over the bike.

Advantages of flat bar road bikes

Flat bar road bikes deliver similar levels of performance to those you would find on road bikes, but with a more comfortable riding position and agile riding style. This makes them ideal for people who want to build up their fitness by cycling, and for those who want an efficient commuter bike. Many brands and models even include the option of adding racks to carry cargo.

Choosing a flat bar road bike

If you are buying a flat bar road bike, you will quickly find out that there are lots of options to choose from. At BikeExchange, the online marketplace for everything bike, there are hundreds of listings from bike shops and individual sellers. The range includes high performance models priced in the thousands, as well as high quality options that cost hundreds. Your decision will depend on your budget and how you plan to use the bike.

BikeExchange is THE bike marketplace where buyers and sellers from all over Ireland come together. Leading Irish retailers and private sellers list their bikes for sale on our user-friendly online platform.

So why not take a few minutes to browse our current inventory of top-quality hybrid mountain and hybrid road bikes for sale? And be sure to make BikeExchange your one-stop online source for all of your cycling needs!

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