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About Kona Bikes

When most people think about Kona bikes they think about mountain bikes. It is true that the company started off making mountain bikes, and mountain bikes remain a core part of the range they sell. They also sell other bikes though, including road bikes, touring bikes, and commuter bikes.

One of the unique things about Kona is that it is an independent bike manufacturer. If you are familiar with the industry you will know that this is rare in the modern era. Most of the big bike brands that have been around for decades (and many new brands that have found initial success) are owned by a small number of very large companies. The individual bike producer is therefore not very common. It is another reason why so many people love Kona.

In cycling terms, the company hasn't been around for very long - since 1988. This was right around the time that mountain bikes were starting to take off, and Kona got in there at those very early stages as an avid supporter of the style and a leader in technological innovation. The first Kona bike was a mountain bike, and they have built the company on that platform ever since.

It is based in Washingtonne in the US and sells its bikes around the world, particularly in the US, Canada and Europe.

Range Of Kona Bikes

While Kona does sell other styles of bike, its heart and soul remains on the mountain. The range of mountain bikes it offers is extensive - it is the company's biggest bike category. There are models available with frames made in steel, titanium, aluminium or carbon, plus there is a full range of suspension options - rigid bikes, hardtails, and full suspension mountain bikes.

Kona also makes mountain bikes for specific styles of riding:

  • XC
  • Enduro
  • Trail
  • Gravity
  • Cyclocross
  • Crosstrail

In addition, you can get children's mountain bikes and those built for commuters or recreational cyclists. They even have some fat bikes in the range.

The other main style of Kona bike that is available is the road bike. There are a number of options available in this category too, including commuter bikes, bikes for touring, and children's road bikes. Hybrid models are also available, as are performance bikes designed for road racing, endurance events, or cyclocross riding.

You will find all of these models and styles of Kona bikes on Bike Exchange from a range of different sellers. Kona parts and accessories are also available.

Kona Bikes Sponsorship

Kona’s main focus in sponsoring decisions is on mountain bikes. This makes sense as the company is best known as a mountain bike brand.

Kona sponsors two main teams - Team Gravity and Team Endurance. These teams feature some of the world's best downhill, cyclocross, enduro, and cross country riders. Kona also supports young riders and mountain bike events at all levels of the sport, from enthusiastic amateurs through to professionals.

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