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About Felt Bikes

When Felt Bikes first started, the company made triathlon bikes. This is the style of bike it is most famous for, but it makes a range of other styles too. They include bikes for new riders, right up to the technically advanced time trial machines.

Jim Felt is the man who started Felt Bikes and gave the company its name. He wasn't a bike builder at the time though. Instead he was a motorcycle mechanic with a passion for motocross. He was involved in that sport and knew one of the world's best motocross riders - Johnny O'Mara. This relationship would set Felt on the path to launching his own brand of bicycles.

The journey took about 10 years. The first bike he built was for O'Mara, as he competed in triathlon events as well as motocross. The bike was so good that other triathletes came to Felt asking him to make them one too. Before long it made more sense to go into full-time production and to start building a brand. That was in 1994.

Over the years Felt Bikes has been heavily involved in triathlons and time trials, and has influenced both sports considerably through things like sponsorships, support of riders, and technical innovations.

As mentioned earlier, the company doesn't just make triathlon/TT bikes. In fact, its road bikes have seen competitive success too, while people enjoy Felt bikes on mountains, trails and the commute to work all over the world.

You will find this full range of Felt bikes on Bike Exchange. We are the marketplace for everything bike so the listings you see are from a range of different sellers, ensuring you get the best possible selection at the best prices.

Range Of Felt Bikes

The range of Felt bikes is extensive and includes options for professional/competitive riders as well as leisure and recreational cyclists:

  • Professional bikes - this includes TT bikes, triathlon bikes and track bikes that have competed and won at some of the world's biggest competitions, including world championships and the Olympics. They also make high performance road bikes that are the preferred option of many professional cyclists. Cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes are available too, including downhill, enduro and XC models.

  • Recreational/leisure bikes - you can get high quality and affordable leisure, fitness, commuter and leisure bikes in a number of styles including road, hybrid, mountain, fitness, cruiser and lifestyle. Felt even offers a range of electric bikes to open up the pleasures of cycling to an even wider audience.

Felt Bikes Sponsorship

Much of Felt’s focus is on the sport of triathlon. This is where much of the company’s technical innovation is channelled, and it offers extensive support to a number of individual riders. It doesn’t limit its support to triathlon though, as it supports other cyclists in a range of disciplines including road, track and mountain bike. In addition it is involved with the cycling teams Hincapie Racing, Team Twenty16 P/B Sho-Air, and the Habitat MTB team.

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