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Bike Helmets


Are there different types of bike helmets for different types of bike riding?

Yes, depending on the type of bike riding you do, there will be a helmet designed specifically for it. BMX, road, aero, MTB, downhill (full face), commuting and kids helmets all vary in features, style and size.

How do I properly fit my bike helmet?

A few key tips to keep in mind when selecting and fitting a helmet that is right for you include:

  • Measure your head circumference as bike helmet sizes are based around this
  • Always opt for a size too big rather than too small if your head circumference is borderline. Remember - you may well be wearing a skull cap, cap or protector of some sort underneath the helmet, and that will add to making the fit all the more snug
  • Ensure the helmet sits spirit level on your head
  • The fit needs to be snug enough so that if you were standing on your head, the helmet would not fall off if you didn't have the straps attached (let's maybe not try that one at home, folks!)
  • If you can squeeze one finger only between your chin and the helmet strap when done up underneath your chin, then it's a good fit

Are bicycle helmets compulsory when riding in Ireland?

No, it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet when riding a bike in Ireland.

What are bike helmets made from?

Most helmets will be made up of three main components - the liner, the interior ring and the shell.

The liner is the most important part of the helmet, and is the protective foam padding on the inside of the helmet. The interior ring is adjustable and also features inside the helmet.

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