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Bike Chains Explained

The chain is the heart of your bikes groupset, linking the power from your legs, to the rear tyre to propel you forward. In other words, a bike without a chain is just a fancy scooter.

If you’re experiencing poor shifting performance or annoying groans when riding, a new chain may be the perfect remedy. BikeExchange has a wide range of bike chains and parts available to suit your riding discipline and the number of gears your bike has. That latter part is particularly important, you need to ensure the chain matches to the number of cogs at your rear cassette (e.g: a 10-speed chain for a bike with 10 cogs at the rear cassette).

If you’re looking to undertake the task of replacing your chain on your own, then head on over to the BikeExchange blog for an in depth guide on how to check for wear and then replace a bicycle chain.

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