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Rocky Mountain Cycling products


About Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain is a brand of bike best known for its mountain bike range and its involvement in the sport of mountain biking. It is based in Vancouver in Canada and is an award-winning range of bikes. It takes its name from the mountain range which dominates the landscape from its home in British Columbia all the way to the USA.

The company was founded in 1981 so it has a long historey of making bikes. On its website it describes the area around the north shore of Vancouver in British Columbia as being the perfect place to develop mountain bikes, with its trails, hills, and unexplored tracks.

The company started to ship bikes internationally in 1989 and now has an enviable reputation around the world for the high quality bikes that it produces.

The range has developed over the years but has always been structured to offer something to both the competitive racer and the casual rider. The current range includes models designed for performance at the highest levels of professional sport, through to bikes suitable for weekend adventurers looking for an exhilarating trek in their spare time. The company has won Mountain Bike Magazine’s award for mountain bike of the year three times.

Today Rocky Mountain is owned by the Procycle Group. It is based in Quebec in Canada, although Rocky Mountain operates independently.

Range Of Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain puts a lot of time and effort into the research and development of its bikes and all of the components. This starts with the frame but also includes the geometry, the suspension, and more. The result is a range of high quality mountain bikes, with models to suit all styles of riding.

The bikes they offer are categorised by the style of riding. This includes overland, XC, trail, and all-mountain. They also have a category called sport which includes bikes for recreational mountain bikers, as well as a range for younger riders. In addition, they have a fat bike designed to handle all types of surface, including snow and sand. It is called the Blizzard.

Some of the other popular names in the range include Maiden, Sherpa, Vertex, Element, and Thunderbolt. The standard wheel sizes are 26-inch and 27.5-inch as well as 20-inch and 24-inch for children and teenagers. They also offer 29-inch options for taller riders. A range of different suspension options is also available, including bikes with no suspension at all.

In the past Rocky Mountain has manufactured a number of road bikes, including cyclocross, hybrid, urban, and fitness models. The company now focuses on its mountain bike range, though.

Rocky Mountain Sponsorship

Rocky Mountain has supported the sport of mountain biking for many years. It uses that support to help the sport to develop as well as to increase its own brand recognition. It is also an important part of its research and development operation. That support has seen considerable success, including medals at the Olympics.

Currently, Rocky Mountain supports riders competing in freeride, cross country, and endure mountain biking events.

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