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POC Cycling products


POC Cycling Safety

Conceptualised in Sweden, it should come as little surprise to learn that the edgy company made its debut in the ski racing market. Utilising innovative ideas and solutions, the company set about redefining what it meant to be safe out on the snow. Today its equipment protects athletes on the snow, dirt, and road.

The company's innovations helped develop products that aim to reduce the force transmitted to the body and brain in the event of a crash, and these ideas come from an in-house scientific forum called POC Lab. Consisting of leading scientists from sports medicine and brain and spinal cord injury specialists, this lab aims to be at the forefront of safety, innovation, and research to better understand injuries, and therefore develop protection devices capable of reducing, by as much as possible, the effect of a crash.


Stemming from internal research, the company developed AVIP initiative, with AVIP standing for Attention, Visibility, Interaction, and Protection. The AVIP initiative looks to increase road bike safety through developing products that increase awareness of the rider. If you’ve ever seen a POC helmet while out riding in a florescent orange colour, then you’ve seen the AVIP system in action.

Along with the AVIP initiative, the helmets use several other safety features such as MIPS and ICE. MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, is found on select helmets such as the popular Octal and uses an inner shell that allows the head to slide relative to the helmet, which better protects the head during angled impacts.

The Swedish company also work with ICE, or In Case of Emergency, to add a scannable tag that sticks to some of its helmets that provides emergency personnel your medical information such as allergies or blood group. Information that could be lifesaving in the event of an accident.

Cycling products


With vibrant colours and minimalistic designs dominating the product line-up, POC's range of road cycling products has proven a hit with riders. The most recognisable product has been the Octal bike helmet.

Mountain Bike

The POC range of Mountain Bike wear caters to riders from all disciplines including downhill, trail, and cross country.

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