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Giro Cycling products


About Giro

Giro is an American manufacturer of cycling helmets, accessories, and apparel. It also makes helmets and goggles for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. The company was founded in 1985, and its helmets and other products are used by everyone from professional cyclists to children and casual riders. It is the helmet sponsor for a number of the world's best riders in a range of cycling disciplines, and it leads the way in many aspects of cycling helmet, shoe, and glove design.

Giro was founded by Jim Gentes and is based in California. It is part of BRG Sports, a company that owns a number of other cycling brands including Bell.

Ever since it was launched Giro's philosophy has been to make cycling helmets that are lightweight, have good ventilation, and that look good. The first product it made, the Prolight helmet, delivered on each objective. It the mid-1980s it was one of the lightest, coolest, and most comfortable helmets on the market, and was different to anything else that was available.

The company didn't sit back with the success of the Prolight, however, releasing the Aerohead aero helmet the following year.

Another helmet that would change the way helmets were made forever was the Air Attack. It was released by Giro in 1989 and had a unique aerodynamic design and ventilation system. It was so popular that it is now in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Another notable helmet in Giro's historey was the Pneumo which was launched in 1999. It was used in many pro-cycling races, including the Grand Tours, and was ground-breaking because almost as much space on the helmet was given to ventilation as to helmet.

Today's range of helmets and other accessories continue with this trend of producing high quality cycling helmets that are light and comfortable to wear.

Giro Range

Giro makes helmets for men, women and children in four broad categories:

Road Helmets- including options with MIPS technology, extensive ventilation, visors, and more. Several brands are in the range from entry level up to those used by professional road racers.

Dirt Helmets - helmets for mountain bike, cyclocross, and BMX riding. Some include MIPS technology.

Kids Helmets - Helmets for children of all ages.

Aero/Tri Helmets- designed for maximum speed in competition

Urban Helmets - attractive helmets in a range of styles designed to look good and offer a high degree of protection

The other products that Giro offers include a wide range of [shoes] and [gloves] designed specifically for particular cycling disciplines. This includes shoes for road, dirt, aero and triathlon riding. You can also get gloves for these styles of cycling in addition to casual/urban/commuter cycling. Winter gloves are also available.

And you can also get [apparel] as well as cycling accessories.

Giro Sponsorship

Giro is involved in the sport of cycling as a helmet sponsor and provider of a range of other accessories. The teams and riders that it sponsors include Team Katusha, the Russian pro-cycling team. Riders from the mountain bike team Aeon and the cyclocross team Rabo Liv are among the many other professional cyclists who benefit from Giro sponsorship and the use of their high quality helmets.

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