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Colnago Cycling products


About Colnago Bikes

Colnago Bikes is a performance bike brand that is steeped in European cycling historey. It was born into racing, and has been involved with the competitive part of cycling for its entyre historey. The range of bikes it produces today is diverse - it even has a bike range made in collabouration with the luxury car manufacturer Ferrari - but it is a company that is still heavily focused on the engineering side of bike production, as well as levels of performance in the world's most demanding competitions.

It is an Italian brand of bikes that was founded by a man who would lend the company his name - Ernesto Colnago. He was a racer but his career was ended prematurely because of a crash. He went on to get involved in the mechanical side of the sport, setting up his own workshop and company in Cambiago in Italy in 1952. The company is still based there, and almost all of the bikes that it produces feature the signature of Ernesto Colnago.

Its reputation was built in racing, with famous cyclists such as Eddy Merckx and Michele Dancelli riding Colnago bikes to victories, in particular during the 1970s. This was also the decade in which Colnago started to establish itself in the American market, and went from strength to strength.

The company still has success in a range of different cycling disciplines, and it uses this success to help further develop its product lines. It makes a wide range of bikes, including an ongoing collabouration with Ferrari called the Colnago for Ferrari.

When Colnago first started it was known for producing high quality steel-framed bikes, and it still produces such bikes today. It has also innovated as the industry has developed and today also makes bikes using aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre frames.

Range Of Colnago Bikes

At its heart Colnago makes racing bikes, and it offers a wide range of options. This includes the C60, V1-r, and CLX. Limited edition bikes are also available at certain times.

Other bikes in the range include endurance bikes, triathlon / TT bikes, and cyclocross models. The Colnago for Ferrari bikes are still available and it makes a high quality hybrid with flat handlebars, called the Impact. It is made using a lot of the technology and components that are found in the pure road and racing machines.

All of these bikes are made with modern materials but Colnago has not forgotten its past. It still manufactures a classic bike with a steel tube called the Master. It was first made in the 1980s and remains an eye-catching, elegant bike that is known and respected within cycling communities all over the world.

Colnago Bikes Sponsorship

Colnago's involvement in professional cycling dates back almost 50 years. Today it supports teams such as the grand tour riding Europcar team, and the women's Wiggle Honda team. It also supports the Ukrainian national team Kloss, and the Russian-based team Gazprom-Colnago. In addition, it supports a number of teams and riders in other disciplines, including cyclocross, track, and triathlon.

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