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Top 6 Tips for Women Who Commute

March 23, 2017
Top 6 Tips for Women Who Commute

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I know a lot of women who cycle. Some do it to compete, some to stay fit, some to get to and from work (or wherever it is they need to go), and some for all these reasons combined.

Yet I’ve often heard it said amongst female friends and cycling club colleagues that making that leap onto the bike was a little daunting. Now they’re flying around on two wheels they can hardly believe their initial reluctance.

If you’re thinking about ditching the car so you can move through traffic more easily; if you’re keen to turn over a healthier leaf now that the warmer weather is on its way; or if you’re trying to do your bit to look after the environment, then commuting by bike is going to help you get there.

So as the days grow longer and brighter we thought we’d speak to some of our commuting experts on the site; Dutch Bike Shop, Freewheeling, O’Sullivans Cycles, Flanagan Cycles, The Bike Doc and Marrey Bikes, to get their advice on how to make that transition into commuting as enjoyable and easy as possible so that even more women discover just how brilliant biking is. Here are their Top Six Tips!

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1. Dutch Bike Shop

Buy a bike! The first step and perhaps, the most obvious one! If you don’t have a bike, you will not commute on a bike. The choice of bike is completely personal. Women often choose a hybrid, classic or urban style bike for their commute, but road bikes, mountain bikes and/or flat bar road bikes can be equally great options. For those who have a longer commute, the E-Bike is becoming more and more popular. Once you know your budget, contact your local bike shop and take it from there. With the Cycle to Work Scheme in operation, there has never been a better time to buy a bike! Have a read of our article on choosing the right bike.

2. Free Wheeling

Get a helmet! When buying your new or used bike, be sure to buy a helmet. Safety on the bike is the most important thing above all else and while we hope that you stay safe, incidents can happen and a helmet may save your life! They come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can definitely still look chic with one on. In fact, nowadays it looks strange when you’re not wearing one! The most important considerations when choosing a helmet are size and fitting. Have a look at this video and article. It is vital that your helmet fits right and is not loose on your head!

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3. O’Sullivans Cycles

Dress right! Like any outdoor activity, your choice of clothing for your commute is imperative. Dress for the weather using rain jackets and leggings, gloves, hats and neck scarves. It is always wise to bring these items in a bag as the weather is prone to change even if the day starts out beautifully! Bring a change of clothes and shoes, a face-wash, make-up, deodorant and perfume in your bag. Cycling can be tiring even for the fittest of commuters and it’s always good to freshen up when you get to your destination. Ideally, if your commute is a long one and you have shower facilities at your place of work or study, then bring a towel too.

4. Flanagan Cycles

Shine bright like a diamond! Always have lights on your bike and wear hi-vis clothing. We live in a country that has many dark mornings and evenings and being seen by motorists and pedestrians alike is hugely important. Even if you are planning on being home before dark, always bring your lights in your bag as you never know what invites you may get after your work day is over and cycling home in the dark is not an option without lights. Lights come in all shapes and sizes but the white lights are always for the front and red lights for the rear of the bike. You can set most lights to flash intermittently or as a steady beam. USB chargeable lights are becoming more and more popular these days but it’s always a good idea to carry spare batteries for standard lights with you in case you run out of power on the way home.

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5. The Bike Doc

Build it up slowly. Rather than jumping into your commute at the deep end, it is recommended that you start off slowly and gradually progress to cycling every day. Try cycling to work one day and if you don’t fancy cycling home that evening, leave the bike and do it the following day instead. This is a big change to your life and change takes time! When starting off, don’t expect to be super fast either. Let the other seasoned commuters go by you and in no time your fitness will grow and you will be up to speed. Just remember, it is not a race and get there safely and stress free!

6. Marrey Bikes

Embrace the endorphins! Cycling is great for you and once you begin to do it on a regular basis, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. Your fitness levels will increase in a very short period of time and before long you will be avoiding ever taking the bus, DART, Luas or car ever again! Enjoy your commute!

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A special thanks to Astrid and Frank of the Dutch Bike Shop, Simon of, and fellow BikeExchanger Orlaith Breen (Model) for their time and help with the photo shoot for this article, and of course all our other Retail Members for their brilliant tips. We hope these tips have been helpful and that this article inspires you to get cycling no matter where you are going, so happy commuting and happy riding!

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