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Why Take A Cycling Holiday With The Family This Year?

June 27, 2017
Why Take A Cycling Holiday With The Family This Year?

Looking for ways to keep the kids amused, burning energy and having a ball over summer? Or might you be trying to come up with the kind of holiday that will stay with your kids for years to come? A cycling holiday is a great idea for bringing the family together for some quality time, but it delivers a lot more benefits on-top of this. Luke Chitty from Pedal Ventures has plenty of experience in the saddle when it comes to family bike riding holidays, so we caught up with him to find out more. Here’s what he had to share:

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Fun in learning

We all know at least one family that has decided to take the kids out of school, pack the camper van to the hilt and head off on an ultra-extended adventure around a country, a continent or indeed the globe. Not many of us have that luxury but you can still reap similar rewards through something a bit more realistic. Bike holidays are a wonderful way to teach kids some of life’s essentials, like map reading and way-finding. If you’re considering a holiday to a foreign country there’s a good chance the kids (and you!) will need to brush up on some basic language skills. It’s great to watch little people make an effort speaking another language and let’s be honest, the locals love even more when they do.


Discovering new foods not only evolves a budding palate but it exposes kids to the important elements of another culture, and becomes a great talking point for back at home (my big brother ate SNAILS in France!). Learning about new countries or regions through native animals is a marvelous way to educate empathetic little ones and there’s plenty of chances for that to happen when you’re cycling on two wheels rather than jammed into a car. Last but not least, a riding holiday could well be the blossoming of a budding historian in the family. Meandering through small lane-ways and discovering buildings or sites of historical significance can ignite interests that may otherwise have laid dormant in your kids. There’s no better way to bring history to life than to holiday and explore in it!


Get yourself there, then leave the rest to us

Remember to pack everything and, well, that’s pretty much the extent of it. Just hand the rest over to us. We can take care of sourcing the right bikes for the whole family, researching the best routes (that includes bike paths that avoid traffic), recommending the top spots to stop and just taking care of the logistics that enable you to focus on relaxing, unwinding, being with the family and having a marvelous time away from the daily grind.


It’s great for the body and soul

Nobody needs convincing that bike riding is great for our health and well being. All the data is there for the taking. You only need to think back to how much you loved tearing around on two wheels to realise the kids are going to relish this kind of a holiday. But how about you? Imagine a day spent slowly cruising alongside rivers, through vineyards, down cobbled lanes… The kids are entertained so they’re not bickering, you’re so relaxed your biggest decision that day might be red or white over dinner. Any why not? You’re burning the energy so this is going to be the kind of guilt-free holiday that lets you have your cake and eat it, too. Dinner suddenly got entertaining for all.


What was the best thing that happened to you today?

Hands up if you’ve used this a few times to try and get the party started at the family dinner table? Well during a cycling holiday it’s probably going to be a race to get an answer in first as the kids scramble to relive their favourite adventure from the day’s riding. You get quality family time out on riding, absolutely, but these cycling holidays have a habit of extending their magic beyond the bike.


You can’t social media and bike ride at the same time

And this goes for all members of the family. That invisible chain that connects most of us to our electronic devices, be they for work or play, is forced to break on the bike. Nobody can text or talk safely when riding, and a cycling adventure really prompts everyone to live in and enjoy the moment.

We hope you found this article useful and that you make your next family holiday a cycling one!

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