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A Perfect Team – The Bosch eBike System 

October 17, 2018
A Perfect Team – The Bosch eBike System

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As the fastest-growing category in cycling, eBikes have become a popular choice of bike for all genres of riding. Whether you’re after something for the daily grind, a freedom machine for the weekends, or you just want a bike that’s going to get you from A to B faster and more easily than normal; eBikes are a sound solution.

Bosch has been behind the eBike evolution every step of the way, and is a recognised brand for many of the technical features behind eBikes. The full Bosch eBike system incorporates three components:

  1. The drive unit
  2. The rechargeable battery
  3. The on-board computer

These three work together seamlessly to deliver a coordinated, efficient and enjoyable eBike experience. And the good news is, there’s scope to tailor all three to ensure you get a system bespoke for you.

Drive Unit

This is the eBike’s motor and is located in the centre of the frame (maximising balance, control, energy efficiency, weight and compact design). Within the motor lie three sensors measuring torque, speed and acceleration at more than 1,000 times per second. The motor is calibrated not to exceed the legal speed, and thus switches off if/when this limit is reached.

So what drive unit suits you and your riding?

It’s about the look


You’d be after the Active Line drive unit, then, which is all about clean and modern design catering for those who seek an elegant look.

You want to start taking your bike out further on other adventures

It’s the Active Line Plus that will be your drive unit of choice, a versatile product that will help your bike help you to discover new areas.

You’re into regular and often challenging cycling

So you’re into trekking, all-mountain riding or ‘substantial’ commuting? Then it’s the Performance Line for you, a drive unit that caters to the ambitious cyclist who’s after a challenge.

Hard-core cycling is for you


Then look no further than the Performance Line CX. With a maximum torque of 75 Nm, here’s the drive unit for that level of cyclist that never gives up looking for steeper climbs, faster splits and longer distances.

On-board Computer

There is something addictive about an on-board bike computer. Even if you’re not a numbers person, put one on your bars and before you know it, you’re regularly checking in for the latest data. As is the case with drive units, Bosch on-board computers come in a variety of options that are going to cater to varying needs and levels of geek!

You just want the essentials

A purist, eh? So the Purion is definitely the on-board computer for you. It contains all the critical data at the touch of button.

You’re after an intuitive, versatile on-board computer

Something that you can control easily and that can be read in all kinds of lighting conditions? Something that will always have you pedalling in the correct gear with the right gear recommendation? The Intuvia has your name on it.

You want the best of design and the best of function rolled into one


In that case, you can’t go past the Kiox. Keep your eyes on battery charge levels, speed, heart rate, performance, all available on this small, compact piece just perfect for next-level cycling.

You want everything integrated – you’re after a next-gen computer solution


Look no further than the Nyon. Able to integrate with the Smartphone App, the Nyon is an intelligent system that evaluates all facets of your activity, as well as route planning.


Bosch is synonymous with premium quality and cutting-edge tech, and Bosch batteries are designed and manufactured to deliver high mileage, a long lifetime, and low weight. Their ergonomic form means Bosch batteries are easy to handle and just as easy to charge (directly on the eBike).

And when it comes to Bosch eBike batteries, there’s options a-plenty!

PowerPack 300

  • In just one hour this battery is 50% charged with the Standard Charger
  • Reliable and long-lasting energy storage without memory effect
  • Minimal self-discharge
  • Sits close to the centre of the eBike for maximum stability
  • Easy removal
  • Available only in conjunction with the Active Line and Active Line Plus.

PowerPack 400

  • Included as a frame or rack battery for all systems
  • Long life, ergonomic design
  • Light lithium-ion battery easy to install or remove
  • Can also be charged using the charging socket on the eBike

PowerPack 500

  • Same size as and only slightly heavier than the PowerPack 400, but:
  • Lithium-ion battery requires about two hours to charge 50% whilst the PowerPack 500 takes approx. 4.5 hours (with the Bosch Standard Charger)

PowerTube 500

  • Rechargeable battery that can be optimally integrated in the bike frame
  • Two installation options: vertically or horizontally
  • Minimalist design
  • Concealed battery that is protected by the frame
  • Really easy handling – battery ‘pops’ approx 2cm out of the frame when unlocked
  • Safety mechanism prevents battery from falling out


  • Combination of two Bosch batteries (Power Pack 400 and 500 or Power Tube 500) delivers up to 1,000 Watt hours
  • Perfect for touring, long-distance commuters and cargo bikers
  • System switches intelligently between the two batteries both during charging and discharging
  • Not possible in combination with a PowerPack 300


You’ve Got The Battery - Now It Needs to Stay Charged!

Not a bother there, evidently. Bosch has all number of eBike battery charger options, but the one that gets our attention is the just-new Fast Charger, launched this year at Eurobike.


It’s now the fastest eBike charger in its class, giving the most amount of punch in the shortest of time frames. For example, in just three hours the PowerTube 500 or PowerPack are 100% charged. This little wizard just needs one hour of juice and it will be at 50% capacity. If you’re a regular eBike user, say a daily commuter, then this is definitely the charger for you.

You’re sold on Bosch? Read about their new eBike ABS anti-locking braking system here.

For more information about Bosch eBike Systems, you can contact them directly here

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