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Becoming a Strong Time Trialer 

July 21, 2017
Becoming a Strong Time Trialer

Head Coach and Founder of Tri Alliance Ollie Allan has been coaching for 16 years, coaching many podium and Kona athletes. He has raced for over 22 years with achievements in short and long course, most notably Ironman Melbourne in 2012 finishing with an 8:56, podium and a ticket to the Big Island (Hawaii World Championships). Ollie contributes to our Training with this session.

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Becoming a stronger time trial cyclist

As an amateur triathlete/cyclist it can be very difficult to manage your work, training and leisure hours each week. Although many of us would love to be out training more often like a professional; the reality is without a steady job to pay for our crazy sporting habits we could not support the dream.

Wind or fluid (stationary) trainers are great way to maximise time effective training and if used right you will become a stronger cyclists and an effective workout can be achieved in as little as an hour. To become a stronger TT rider you must develop strong muscle fibres and tendons. This can be achieved through low cadence Strength Endurance (SE) workouts. The following session imitates hill repeats and is a style of session our long course athletes will complete regularly. The session is only a little over an hour however is very effective in developing SE and increasing your functional threshold power (FTP)

Strength Endurance - 1hr 12mins

Warm up 10mins building cadence up to @100rpm – Easy

3 x (30sec right leg @ 60-70rpm, 30sec left leg @ 60-70rpm, 1min spin @90rpm) – Moderate

3 x (30sec super-spin 110+rpm - hard, 30 sec recovery 80rpm - easy)

1mins @80rpm – easy

Main Set

6 x [5mins @ 60rpm+/-5 - hard, 2mins recovery @ 80rpm – easy]

*You will be working at or slightly below your lactate threshold (LT) during these efforts)

Cool Down

10mins @90rpm lowering cadence to @70rpm - Easy

Session tips

  • Maintain your aero position on the pads/bars throughout the main set as you would in a race to ensure you build TT specific strength in race position
  • With the single leg work maintain a consistent amount of force the entire way around the crank. This is hard to do but if you can master it your cycling will improve.
  • Ensure your pedal stroke remains fluent and smooth with your knees running parallel to the top tube throughout the 360 degrees revolution of the pedal stroke
  • Activate your core and aim to keep the hips stable on the saddle so you are not rocking


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